Prayer Is The Jedi Of The Global Village

Even long time residents of the Global Village are uncertain when the practice began. There was no publicity or fanfare announcing the beginning of the practice nor can anyone recall a catastrophic event that may have triggered it. All current residents know is that anytime the Global Village is threatened by evil forces, everyone prays.

Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

Prayers may start like a wave in a sports arena or just begin spontaneously across the Village. But everyone knows that prayers are required and responds according to their own tradition. Christians call upon Jesus, Buddhists finger their mala beads, Hindus chant mantras, and Muslims initiate the Salat. Others may wish upon a star, observe a moment of mindfulness, or perform a random act of kindness. Regardless of the way each resident prays, they all do so in unison.

That this universal response is effective can only be assumed by its continued observance. Individual prayer is often inconvenient, but universal prayer is both intrusive and mentally challenging. Machine operators, pilots, train engineers, and drivers must multitask. Surgeons may postpone operations to utter a brief prayer. No one is obligated to participate. And yet everyone does so in unison with whatever mindfulness they can summon at the moment.

That’s just the way it is in the Global Village.



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J J Zavada

Global Village Observer: I journal the disruption of socio-economic systems caused by our transition from the Industrial Park to the Global Village .