Spiritual Solutions to Global Problems

This is not the first time in history nor will it be the last that we face evil forces intent upon destroying the legacy left by generations of faith-filled people.

The Romans tried to stomp out Christianity. The Barbarians tried but failed to destroy the Holy Roman Empire. The Nazis attempted, but failed, to eradicate Judaism. The Communists tried, but failed, to purge all religious belief from the world. Now, ISIL is attempting to eradicate anyone who does not conform to their radical views.

In each of these cases, the initial response by those under siege was to muster the troops and wipe out the enemy. When that solution was overcome by events, there would be a call for “talks” to find a political solution. Yet in all the cases cited, it was neither the military solution, nor the political solution, that saved the day. It was the spiritual solution.

A spiritual solution is not and cannot be sponsored by any organized religion. It does not spring from any logical or dogmatic principal. As one pundit wisely put it: Religion helps people who fear going to hell; spirituality helps those who have already been there.

A spiritual solution arises in the hearts of people who have nothing left to lose and nowhere else to go.

A spiritual solution recognizes that either some Power higher than our own judgement and intellect exists, or the phase of consciousness we call life is no more than a spec of dust colliding with other specs in a dirty universe.

The hidden value in a spiritual solution to the evil we face today is that it has always been within our reach. It does not require weapons, carefully crafted conference tables, or religious ritual. It only requires faith in a Higher Power. IN GOD WE TRUST.



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J J Zavada

Global Village Observer: I journal the disruption of socio-economic systems caused by our transition from the Industrial Park to the Global Village .