Staffing Agencies Become Task Fulfillment Services

How can we bring staffing agencies into life after the great reset, and what adjustments will they have to make to maximize their revenue?

By 2030 staffing agencies, as we’ve known them, will be archaic. To avoid extinction, these agencies will have to pivot their business model to a more contemporary process

The great reset was merely a Prelude to “work placement” in the 21st Century. Jobs as we’ve known them will no longer exist. They will be replaced with Task Fulfillment services. In the Global Village of the 21st Century, everyone is a consumer and everyone is also a producer. The main concern of producers will be to find the people willing, able, and available to perform whatever task(s) are needed at the moment. Some will be high level tasks requiring highly skilled producers [neurosurgery comes to mind]. Others will be basic mechanical tasks that require working in concert with robots. Payment will always be immediate at successful completion of the task. There will be no need for Pension Plans, Unemployment Insurance, 401Ks or other incentives. The best producers will command the highest rates, while average producers will take what they can get. However, anyone who has a modicum of life skills will find opportunities if they want them. That is where the Task Fulfillment Service comes into the picture. They will match you skills, aptitude, and profile with current opportunities, both locally and globally. In some cases the task will not be remote but the payment will include Travel and Living expenses for the duration of the Task.



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J J Zavada

Global Village Observer: I journal the disruption of socio-economic systems caused by our transition from the Industrial Park to the Global Village .