Your Attention Is a Valued Asset

Photo by Devon Wilson on Unsplash

How Attention is Monetized in the Global Village

If attention has commodity value, why not appraise and reward it like any other commodity in the Global Village? With that in mind, the team recommended two rules governing the distribution of any form of digital advertising across the Village:

1. The recipient of the digital ad must consent via an opt-in code provided by the sender. Failure to provide the code with the ad will result in spamming fines and possible suspension of license to use the Internet for any type of advertising.

2. The consent agreement must include a compensation agreement detailing the fees the sender will pay for various levels of attention to the digital advertising. The recipient’s code will be used to track these fees so that no other personal information can be collected or shared with affiliates of the sender.



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J J Zavada

J J Zavada

Global Village Observer: I journal the disruption of socio-economic systems caused by our transition from the Industrial Park to the Global Village .